So there we have it, these are my progress shots.

I completed 2 programs from Jillian Michaels and am now doing my third for her.

I started with 30 day shred which I did in like 45 days, cause man was i out of shape. I thoroughly enjoyed it though, level three was challenging and now my sisters are starting the program.

Then I went on to ripped in 30, which I finished on September 28th? almost. I had finished my first week of uni by then and I took a one week break to get everything together, and now I’m in my second week of six week six pack. After this, I will most probably do killer buns and thighs, and then continue with more programs.. I’m hoping that I will be strong enough come summer to properly hit the gym, and not half ass it for lack of better terms.

I’m really happy with my progress, I’m watching what I eat but not a lot a lot.. My clothes are all loose around me, I’m busting out things I haven’t worn since 2009. I feel happy and healthy.

Except that my boobs have dropped down a size D:

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